Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vildosola Racing TT#4, SCORE '06 Laughlin

Click ABOVE for Video [ .m4v for iTunes ]

Gus Vildosola, Jr was the class of the field in ProTruck
Click HERE for LiveWebCast for Vildosola Racing

Here are some links to some Live coverage:

- Contingency on Fri
- Pre-Run & Pre-Run
- pit-area/Fri & pit-area/Fri & pit-area/Fri
- Sat/pre-race, Sat/pre-race,

- Sat/ProTruck race, Sat/ProTruck race, Sat/ProTruck race, Sat/race

- ProTruck race/Sun, ProTruck race/Sun, ProTruck race/Sun

Click HERE for Jumplive.com coverage
Click HERE for LiveWebCast of Laughlin DC

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